The Blank Page

I have been sitting in front of my computer with tons of spare time, the thing I always wish I had more of.  I have been confined to my bed while recovering from a minor surgery and was really looking forward to getting something to this site.  Instead of being bombarded with great ideas of things to write about, I have been starring at the blank page in frustration.  Finally free time!… … …nothing.

I was explaining to someone last night, that at the baseline, production is about executing content that someone else has created.  That isn’t to say we aren’t creative or that we just push buttons, but we are about getting it done; adding to it; making it better.  I generally don’t have to come up with the original idea.

Sitting here, trying to come up with something original has been maddening.  Creativity is not easy.  Just because I have the time doesn’t mean something creative will result.  This has been a good reminder for me that the people I work with who create  services, deal with this every day, and it is relentless.  When I wonder why deadlines aren’t made, or if I find myself being overly critical of someone’s creative ideas, I want to remember how I have felt the last 3 days and remember that it isn’t as easy to have a brilliant idea as it seems from the outside looking in.