wishing things were different

I run into fellow TDs who wish things were different.  That they had different people on their teams, or a different sound board, or a different drummer on the 3rd rotation of bands.  If I only had “____”, then things would be great.

Church Saint Eugénie in BiarritzI recently wrote an article about this idea for Sundaymag.tv, a free online resource for people pulling off services every weekend to encourage and to help raise the level of creativity at your church.  Check it out here: Waking up to Opportunities.

One of the cool parts about this blog is that is isn’t just about tech stuff, but it covers leadership, creativity, worship…basically every area involved with making weekend services happen.  It has the potential to be a common resource that you and your creative arts counterpart to both access and help foster discussions for working better together.

Check it out.


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