the big mo

Charleton Heston/Moses figure at Madame Tussauds Hollywood

photo credit: Loren Javier

No, not Moses.

Momentum.  It’s that thing you can feel, and everybody wants, but is so elusive, that nobody knows for sure how to get it and keep it.  One night while watching the Chicago Bulls try really hard to close the gap with the Miami Heat is a great example.  Of coarse the Bulls want it, so just go get it.  If only.

I have always taken momentum for granted.  I have been fortunate enough to be apart of teams or organizations that have had it, usually in seemingly unlimited quantities.  We were going somewhere and that somewhere was good.

As a leader in a large environment, it is interesting to look around the organization and see ministries that are growing like crazy and amazing things are happening; while once thriving, unstoppable ministries are struggling to gain their footing.

When all I cared about was production and the work load I had to worry about, and the exact right process for what was best for me, I could care less about momentum.  To me, having to figure out where to move the high school ministry because they are too big for their current room, was more of a headache than something to celebrate.  Positive momentum usually meant more work for me.

Now that I lead something bigger, I am all too familiar with how difficult it is to gain momentum…at least the positive kind.  Negative momentum is everywhere, always pulling down. Now add onto this that Satan isn’t a huge fan of what we are doing at our churches, and no wonder positive forward movement is so difficult to obtain.

In Exodus 17, the Israelites have to fight the Amalekites, and the only way that can keep momentum in their favor for Moses to raise his arms up with the staff of God.  Pretty soon, he’s so tired, he needs a couple people to hold up his arms or else the battle is lost.

When I am reminded of how difficult it is to keep positive forward movement going, I often think of this image.

Am I supporting the leader who is trying to keep momentum going or am I just wishing they would get it moving?

Am I “holding up the arms” of the person responsible for the leadership of my church?  Or even the leader of the ministry I’m a part of?

How can I support the work of my leader to keep positive momentum going?

As someone who needs the support of others holding up my arms, please do everything you can to lift up the leaders you work for.  Once lost, momentum may never come back.