martin luther and the perfect mix

The cobbler praises God every time he makes a decent pair of shoes.

I read this quote a few weeks ago.  It is attributed to Martin Luther…you know, the guy who helped kickstart the reformation.  Using the interweb, I went looking to see if he actually said this, and I only found anecdotal evidence.  Instead of spending any more time looking, it seemed like it was time to just write what I was thinking about it, since it is a great idea, whether or not Martin Luther said it or not.

As a technical artist in the local church, it is real easy to lose sight of the fact that what I do matters.  And it doesn’t just matter from the standpoint of executing a service flawlessly, or helping to create an environment where people can experience God.

The reality of Herr Luther’s statement is that doing what God created me to do and doing it well, is an act of worship.  My personal act of worship.  Martin Luther talked about a guy making shoes.  I’m talking about those of us behind the sound board, or backstage, or editing videos.

God doesn’t create all of us to be on stage leading people in worship, or teaching God’s word for our congregations.  Most of you who read this blog are behind the scenes.  For most of us, it is easy to assume that we do all this work for the sake of other people, so they won’t be distracted and can worship freely.

While true, it is just a shadow of the truth.  So many times, technical artists that I talk to end up worshipping excellence or the perfect mix; the goal of their art form is the art or the technology itself.  There is so much more to what we are doing.

God created us as technical artists to worship him.  By practicing our art with excellence, by creating the perfect mix, when editing the next video we were designed for  worshiping God.

What motivates you?  Is it the technology?  Is it facilitating worship for others?  Is it using how God has made you to return worship to him?