the great divide

I think all people in production and all people on stage could agree on one thing for sure.  It would be acknowledging the huge chasm that separates us.  There are million different ways that we could define this chasm, but the obvious one to me is a physical one:  the distance between the stage and the production booth.  This gap creates many misunderstandings.  We can have the most sophisticated inter-comm system, but it cannot bridge this gulf.  No matter which side of the divide you are on, it is easy to think the other side is unapproachable. 
Not to be a suck up or anything, but Bill Hybels’ book “Just Walk Across the Room” applies in this situation.  For the differences between the performing artists and the technical artists to be overcome, it is the responsibilty of each of us to get up off our comfort zone and walk across this divide. 
We have a new worship leader that none of us have a relationship with yet.  I have been encouraging all of the production team to go out of there way to get to know this guy.  We need a foundation to build our working relationship on.  We don’t need to schedule a meeting, we need to invite him to coffee.  I know time will tell, but it isn’t all up to the new person.