The Peacemaker

I had the privilege to dive into the Enneagram Personality types with some of the members on the programming team this week and I am happy to say that it has completely messed with me…on so many levels.  After agonizing over which type I “should” be, I feel like type 9, the peacemaker, might describe me the best.  As we discussedt the characteristics of the peacemaker type, we talked about how a 9 usually has a big cause that matters to them and that they want to bring peace between the two sides.  For some in the room, racial reconciliation was their big issue.  For someone else it was between rich and poor.

As I have been trying to figure out how I “feel” about what my cause is, I have been reaching the conclusion that the cause that matters to me feels so much smaller than some of the others we talked about.  Regardless, it is a cause, and it does matter.

My heart beats fast for the production person in the local church.  For how that person uses how God has made them to accomplishes His purposes on this earth using their gifts.  I also feel like one of the largest issues that this group deals with is a disconnect between them and the programming team, stage personalities, talent, musicians, actors, artists, etc.  These two groups couldn’t be more different and yet we work so closely together.

I want my life to be about bringing these two groups together.  Not only bringing them together, but maximizing the impact we can have together.  Do things work when we don’t get along?  Generally.  But the vision of how things could work so much better if we could learn to see each other’s POV so that the Gospel can be presented in new and creative ways, and so that we could live in a genuine Acts 2 community, gets me excited like nothing else.  I want to shrink the divide.  I want to bridge the gap.