Germany Leitungskongress – 1


Our team from the US has begun the journey to Stuttgart, Germany.  On the ride to the airport, the 5 of us riding on a Willow shuttle, courtesy of Dan Selop, we’re commenting on how few of us there were.  It seemed like last time we were a lot more of us…like the bus was packed with luggage to the ceiling and people sitting on to of each other.

Thinking further back, the first time I went on a serving trip with the Willow Production Team to Germany the team was huge.  Back then, we were a group of technical artists, traveling to another country to help carry the Willow production values to an event that we just happened to be pulling off somewhere other than our church.  It was tons of work and lots of fun, and the goal was simply getting the event up and running and executing the content for 2 1/2 days of the conference.

Fast forward 8 years.  We are bringing the smallest group of technical artists from the US simply because there are now so many local volunteers who have the expertise to pull off the event.  For the team from Willow, the trip this year is still about getting the event up and running, but it is more about the transfer of values and the ideas of what it means to be a part of the Willow Production Team.

After a certain point, mixing one more event in one more venue isn’t enough…at least not for me.  I am really hoping that this trip is another opportunity to release a little more so that the German church can be served Germans.  And looking at our crew list, I am amazed at the talented technical artists I get to serve with, most of whom speak German as their first language, but all of whom speak technical arts as their second.