production as a low priority


Based on my last post, let’s say you’ve done your darnedest to communicate the value of production and it still falls at the bottom of the list of things that matter at your church.  The easy thing to do is to wish it were different and hunker down and complain about how bad it is.  The more difficult thing to do is to realize that this might not be the place for you and to move on.

127384774_94e6749332In reality, production may never be an important component to the vision of your church.  It is necessary to realize this and do something about it before you become the crusty old tech guy that is never satisfied.

God created the body of Christ to function in a particular way.  You complaining about how your church doesn’t care about what you care about, was never a part of His idea for the church.  You really have three choices here:

  • Accept that production might never be high on the list of priorities and joyfully use your genius to serve in your current capacity.
  • Figure out how to joyfully use your gifts to enhance the vision and mission of your church, whatever that might look like. In other words, if your church is all about providing shelter for the homeless, how can you use your production knowledge to help create a wonderful environment at the shelter?
  • You can joyfully begin looking for a new church to serve in.  If you are in fact a genius, it feels like a waste to use your production ability at a church that will not fully utilize them.  The kingdom needs your genius!

Joyfully being the key word in all three options.  It’s a fruit of the spirit, people.

A church can’t have great production without the leaders of your church first buying into how production can support the mission of the church.  Either you can joyfully be a part of the solution, or joyfully figure something else out.


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