I am a technical artist in the local church.  I have a passion for excellence and process and taking an idea and making it better.  Relationships are the key to great production and gear matters, but is secondary.  The local church is God’s instrument to reach this broken world, and production plays a significant role in magnifying the message of Christ.

I believe that the life of a technical artist in the local church is one that is easily misunderstood by those around us, but more often by ourselves.  This blog is my attempt to write down observations of my own journey through life in hopes that it can help others.  If not, it helps me just to write it all down.

The contents of this blog are my own and not those of my employer, but since I lead a huge and wonderful team of fellow technical artists, I get to experiment with my ideas on them.  Sorry team.

I have a beautiful wife and three great kids.  The views expressed in this blog aren’t theirs either.

I love to read (mostly recorded books any more), photography, watercolor painting and the movie “Amadeus”.