The Willow Arts Conference

I am sitting here working on my breakout talk for the Willow Arts Conference coming up next week and doing my usual freakout.  What to say.  What not to say.  Where to start.  Where to end.  How much PowerPoint should there be?  Should there be walk in music?  If so, what should it be?

The funny part to me is that I have been reading the story of Mary and Martha and how at the end Jesus tells Martha to just abide in Him, and like Martha, I am getting caught up in all the details and not trusting in Him for the results of my breakout.  If everything isn’t perfect, the breakout will be a disaster.

The reality is that I need to do what God has called me to be about and then let Him worry about how it affects people.  There is a mysterious point at which I end and He begins.  I am hoping to reach that and that I let God take over.

I am really getting excited about the potenial for what God can do through all the teachers, all the music, all the drama, basically everything happening next week.  God is going to impact the lives of thousands of people.

Will I get out of the way enough to be one of those affected?