Funnel Vision

I had a vision the other day.  I’m not really a vision kind of a person, but I am still thinking about it a week later, so I figured it was worth writing down.

My vision had a big funnel in it.  Like the kind my dad used when we put gas in the tractor.  Stainless steel, pretty big, maybe the only difference is my vision funnel didn’t smell like gas.

In my non-gas smelling vision, God had opened up heaven and the funnel was there to catch God’s power, blessing and whatever God was pouring down.  The funnel was used to catch and focus His blessing and favor onto His people.  God doesn’t need the funnel, but for whatever reason He decides to use it as a way to communicate His love to this world.

The top of the funnel changes from larger to smaller allowing more or less of God in.  The bottom of the funnel is larger or small allowing more or less of God out.

I am the funnel.

The top of the funnel is how much I am willing to open myself up to what God would have for me;  how much I receive what God is throwing my way.  The bottom of the funnel is what I do with it.

Top of the Funnel: Am I opening myself up to God and allowing Him to speak into my life?  Am I trusting Him to do all He said He would do?  Am I filling up myself with God’s word on a regular basis and having it affect my daily life?

Bottom of the Funnel: Am I restricting what God wants to do in this world or am I freely giving away what He has given to me?  Am I comfortable?  Am I keeping all the knowledge, experience and perspective to myself or am I ready to give it all away to help someone else on their journey?   Are the choices I make affecting people around me positively?  Am I acting on what I feel God is calling me to be about?

Could the top of my funnel be bigger?  Without question.  But the top of the funnel is between me and God.  The top of the funnel involves me making time for Him; it involves filling my mind with His word; it involves me receiving from God.

My trouble is the bottom of the funnel.  In my vision, I was keeping the bottom of the funnel very narrow.  Because of my own insecurities and my own hang ups, I was choosing to limit what God wanted to do with my life and in the lives of the people around me.

If the world needs more of God than less, why would I allow my own issues get in the way?  Why wouldn’t I want the bottom of my funnel as wide as the top?  To not restrict God’s power, love and blessing flowing through me?

The people around me need me to stop being a narrow funnel.  My work place needs me to stop being a narrow funnel.  My church, my ministry, the world all need me to stop being a narrow funnel.

This is questionable theology, but it has me thinking differently about how to let the love of God flow through me without restrictions.

If you have made it this far, I’d love to know your thoughts.