say thanks

I was at a rehearsal for Easter the other night, and noticed that there was a meeting happening in a room near by.  Without staring through the window in the door, I could tell that it was our Elder board meeting.  Throughout the night, I kept passing this room and they were still in there, meeting.

4759535970_a0d6f918df_bNot unlike the volunteers in produciton, here are a group of people that are volunteering their time and are staying late and missing time with their families. Yet I was struck by the intensity of this kind of volunteering,  to help guide and direct our church, as well as the time and mental commitment it requires of the people who take on this task.

I am pretty sure that I have never thanked any of our elders for what they do.  If I think I’m behind the scenes, this group is probably even more so.  And different from volunteering in production, where you are changing batteries in the wireless mics, these people are responsible for the spiritual health of our congregation.  Whoa!

Many times, the nitty gritty parts of leadership are thankless.

When was the last time you thanked someone in leadership at your church?

During the run up to Easter, take a few minutes to thank someone in leadership for all they do.



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