don’t wait for next time

I have to admit it, I love the church technical arts community.  The last few days of #gurus13 have been some of my favorite.

After not being very diligent with writing for this blog, I’m sitting down to dive back in, and I only keep thinking about all the amazing interactions I had this week.

Guru_2013_v0.3It feels strange to try to think about something new to write about, when so much has happened that is worth talking about.  It is difficult to narrow down to a single post.

If I had to pick a single take away from Gurus, it would have to be the servant attitudes and actions of so many amazing technical artists.

I know that as a group, we are known for serving the needs of others.  Maybe we aren’t always known for serving with a great attitude, but the fact that someone has an idea and we pull it off, is pretty standard.

The difference this week was all of the presenters, the worship teams, the staff of Willow Creek Church, were falling all over themselves to serve the technical arts community.

For those of you who attended Gurus, and gleaned from the wisdom of this crowd, I hope you have some idea of what a privilege it is to learn from people like Lighting Designer Bob Peterson, or North Coast’s Dennis Choy, or any number of incredible technical arts minds.

I can’t even imagine how different my life would be if I had access to all this knowledge when I was first starting out as a technical artist in the local church.  Once we have all the sessions up on the Gurus website, you definitely need to share it with your teams.  Don’t miss the opportunity to share this amazing content with the people around you.

If you were one of the technical artists that shared your knowledge or served the community in some way, you blow my mind.  To use your free time to pour yourself out for the benefit of people you don’t know and may never see again, is an incredible example to me.  This is taking the idea of servant leadership to a new level.

Not only do we all have something to learn from the knowledge those of you in this group, but the idea of giving back to the technical arts community is something we can all be a little better at.

Being a technical artist in the local church can be lonely.  For those of you who benefitted from your time at Gurus, don’t just go back into your little corner, but expand your corner and include those around you.  Whether from other churches or your own volunteer team.  Reach out.  Give back.  Invest in the lives of other tech people.  Pour yourself out for each other.  Inspire each other to carry on.

God designed us to live in community.  We had the joy to live in the larger technical arts community for the last few days.  There are people in your immediate area just waiting to be gathered and poured into.  Don’t wait for the next big thing to experience investing in others and being invested into.

For some good online community, sign up for  It is a great place to ask questions and share answers and to keep the community going.

Also, don’t forget to keep checking back to for audio and video of sessions to share with the rest of your team.