how to get new gear


photo credit: 2create

I can remember thinking that if I only had a certain piece of gear, that everything would be great….OK. Who am I kidding? I still think that way. Getting new gear is always so fun. Opening the box. That new gear smell.

I also thought that other churches had way more luck getting that new gear. While I was slugging away with the junk I had to use week after week, everyone else had that new gear smell permeating their whole facility.

Most of us don’t have everything we need to do the job that is being asked of us and we need more equipment. So the big question is, how do I get more gear?

Brace yourself.  Here’s the big reveal on the secret to getting the new gear you want/need:   Use the gear you have.

Jesus talked about this in Matthew with the parable of the talents.  Be responsible with what has been entrusted to you and you will be given responsibility for more.  Now, I’m not saying that you should just do a good job with what you have so that you can get more.  I’m saying focus on doing a great job with what you have.  If you are faithful and responsible with the little entrusted to you, the new shiny gear takes care of itself.

Knock it out of the park: Take what you have now and use it to the fullest.  Take production support and production [enhancement] to new levels with what you already own.  If what I mentioned in an earlier post “Production Support” isn’t happening, why should we be entrusted with more?

As a leader, I can’t wait to entrust people with more; more responsibility, more equipment, more you name it.  The only way that I am going to do that is if past history shows that someone is worthy of being given more responsibility.  A great track record is a leader’s love language.

Are you seen as someone who is responsible with what they have been given, someone who doesn’t always complain about having enough, someone that knocks it out of the park with what they already have?  Are you using what you have to the fullest?