Germany Leitungskongress – 2

We have completed our first day of load in and it did not disappoint.  Walking into the venue for teh first time, we started with a blank slate and by the end of the day, had accomplished a herculean task.

At a certain point, our team decided it was time for lunch and while we were eating, we could hear the band rehearsing the songs for each session, preparing for the 7000+ people attending later this week.  The band and vocals are made up of 6 band members and 6 vocalists; they are the face of the conference.  The thing that struck me was that there were about 100 technical artists working to facilitate the efforts of the 12 people in the room next door.

I have never been so taken aback by the number of technical artists relative to creative artists on stage.  It is close to a 10:1 ratio…10 “support” people for every person on stage.  It was a visiual reminder that it takes a ton of all different kinds people to make an event happen, even more than were represented by the ones I could see yesterday.  This idea alone feels like a future blog entry.

The beautiful part about this production, is that we are all doing it for the sake of a compelling vision…helping the leaders of Germany’s church lead more effectively.  Most of the technical artists in this room work in many different environments, at very high levels, yet they choose to use their gifts for something much greater.  Not only that, but they have been jumping in to help with whatever needs to be done.  Run cables?  Got it.  Set up risers?  Done.  Cover unused chairs with duvo?  I’d love to.

The picture of a common goal and a servant’s attitude inspires me every time.