td community

When I was a younger person, just starting out as a technical director in a local church, I felt super inadequate for the job I was supposed to be doing.  In desperation, I started looking around for other technical people at near by churches to no effect.   There weren’t any other full time tech people at local churches way back then.

Close to 20 years later, I have had the privilege to be a part of the Church Technical Director’s Retreat, sponsored by, at the WFX conference this year in Atlanta.


DSC02366[1]There are 2 big reasons that I love this event and the #ctln crowd.

The first is that I get to hang out with my peers and share ideas, share struggles and laugh at the unique situations we get put in as technical artists.

The other reason I love this event, is that it is a chance to talk about what matters most to me; to remember why I have chosen to give my life to production in the local church.

DSC02369[1]Both of these reasons remind me that I shouldn’t just wait for a once a year event, but that I should be investing in myself and in other tds locally.  So we can remind each other how important community is, especially for a group of people that are often misunderstood.

We get each other and so we should make an effort to invest in each other.

What can I/we do to foster the technical arts community? 

Check out  Follow @churchtechlead on twitter.  Look for hashtag #ctln for questions and answers to questions.  Think about hosting a lunch for the TDs in your area.


Photos:  Instead of blurry, I like to think of them has having a hipster type filter applied to them.